The Mission: “Providing Perfection” 

20 years ago, when Dr. Do Dinh Hung – the founder of Dr Hung Dental Center & Associates Dental Center – was introduced to the American dentistry standard. At the very beginning of his study at University of Texas he knew his mission would be “Providing Perfection” in oral care services by providing the international dental care standard to Vietnamese people. In early 1994, he set up the first dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh city that followed the American Standard.

Furthermore, Dr. Hung and his associates have dreamed of establishing a world-class dentistry in Vietnam that can offer perfect dental service to clients from developed countries.

We thrive to endlessly pursuing our mission of “Providing Perfection”

Our fully-equipped dental center and highly qualified doctors who always perform their services whole-heartedly will provide you with not only the best treatment but also the perfect experience.

We are proud to be recognized as “5 star-treatment” by our clients from developed countries such as US, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore,..

Discover the difference at Dr.Hung & Associates Dental Center that can give you the perfect smile.

First class dentistry In Vietnam

As one of the pioneers in dental treatment, Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center has constantly learn new technique, invest in modern equipment that help us to maintain the international standard dental practice.

Our dental center has similar structure to a dental hospital with full range dental facilities as follows:

  • Imaging diagnosis department with CT Cone-Beam 3D ICAT, ORTHOPHOS XG 2-D images.
  • Implantology and oral surgery department
  • Cosmetic department with CAD/CAM technique
  • Orthodontics department
  • TMJ & snoring treatment department
  • General Dentistry and Pediatric dentistry department
  • Infection control department by FDA standard.
  • Dental lab department with DSM technology.

Our modern building is located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City in 1400 square meters area, has 22 dental chairs and sophisticated equipment set up to serve our clients worldwide.

Other facilities such as reception, waiting room, consultant room are set up for our clients convenience with luxurious decors.

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Leading experts in Vietnam Dentistry

Our dental specialists always uphold ethics, enhance professional skills, work whole-heartedly and delicate to give client’s the perfect smile.

  • Do Dinh Hung DDS, PhD – the founder of Dr. Hung Dental Center – is the leading expert in dentistry and pioneer in the application of high-tech dentistry in Vietnam. He is one of the first doctor who performed dental Implant placement in Vietnam.
  • Our highly qualified dental specialists works closely with the rest of the team to provide our clients with the best treatment result.
  • The team of Dental assistants are professionally trained. They work earnestly, serve gently and considerately.

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Pain-free Dentistry

We are committed to provide the perfect dental experience “Relax with Painless Dentistry”

  • We thoroughly apply new concepts in the dental treatment “MINIMUM INTERVENTION – MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY” and follow the practice of “preserving the natural elements of the human body”
  • Our sophisticated equipment, piped-in wall oxygen systems and our anesthetist will provide you with painless treatment.
Infection Control Absolutely

With full sterilized instruments and procedure following the FDA standard to ensure the completely sterile for all dental instruments. 

  • We absolutely use the tools and consumable materials used one time only, such as cups, straws, polishing brushes, needles, surgical needle, surgical knife, .. masks, gloves, hats, shoes sterile cloth, … are used for one patient only 1 time.
  • The Dental implant & oral surgery department are designed according to standard dental hospital with filtration systems clean and disinfect the air in that area. Use own way to clean equipment into the operating room and go out soiled to infection control department.
  • The doctors, assistants and patients are required to replace appliances, bearing caps, sterile cloth shoes and go through the system blower disinfected prior to the surgery room. The operation room is sterile absolutely by UV disinfection lights.

Warranty Policy

You will always get the best treatment with the warranty policy at DR.HUNG & ASSOCIATES DENTAL CENTER:

  • 10 years warranty for Cosmetic porcelain crown.
  • Lifetime warranty for Implant placement by Nobel Biocare and Straumann implant systems.

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Creating a perfect smile for clients all over the world.

Vietnamese and foreign clients are giving us valuable feedback for our high quality services.

Clients from Australia, USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada,.. have rated us “5 star treatment” on the website of – a reliable source of hospital, dentistry and aesthetic all over the world.

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